Wing Construction
Landing Gear
Cutting Recesses for the Cast Aluminum Hinges
Steel Fittings
Seat Belts
Drilling Holes
Control Horns                                                                                             
Installing Push-Pull Tubes
Gage to thickness Chart

"How I Make Wood Propellers" by Al Schubert, Part 1 Part 2

Simplified Wing Stress Analysis (10Mb PDF)

I Beam Analysis  Good article on built up spars vs. solid wood spars. (2.5Mb PDF)

Strength of Metal Aircraft Elements (8.2mb PDF)

Army-Navy Aeronautical Specification, Spruce 1942, reprinted 1950. MIL-S-6073  (0.5Mb PDF)

ANC-18 Design of Wood Aircraft Structures.  It is split into 3 parts for easy download. I think this might be the first edition, for what it's worth my second edition is dated June 1951.  

ANC-18 Part 1 of 3.pdf

ANC-18 Part 2 of 3.pdf

ANC-18 Part 3 of 3.pdf

If you don't want to print it yourself, Essco Aircraft Manuals and Pilot Supply will sell you a photocopy of the second edition for $28. They also have a photocopy of ANC-19 for $26.

I don't have the complete ANC-19 in PDF but here are some information from ANC-19 concerning "Requirements for Wood in Specific Parts". 

                    ANC-19 pg 118-126 (9.5mb)

Three PDF documents that can be used to determine the size and location of the large registration numbers on wings.

Markings pg 1.pdf (0.4mb) 

Markings pg 2.pdf (0.3mb) 

 ASC Marking.pdf (0.6mb)

NACA report #344 regarding spar web design (PDF 1.2mb)

Build you own sand blaster By Chris Bobka

Summerill tubing data

Summerill Tubing Data pt I.pdf

Summerill Tubing Data pt II.pdf

Summerill Tubing Data pt III.pdf

Summerill Tubing Data pt IV.pdf

ANC-5 Strength of Aircraft Elements 1940, this is a copy of ANC-5. It is the later revised October 1940 edition. As it is so scarce and is a companion of sorts to the Summerill tubing data pdf  above. Thanks to Chris Bobka

ANC5 chap1 pt1

ANC5 chap1 pt2

ANC5 chap1 pt3

ANC5 chap 2

ANC5 chap 3

ANC5 chap4 pt1

ANC5 chap4 pt2

ANC5 chap4 pt3

ANC5 chap5

ANC5 chap 6,7 and 8 (end)

  Possible reference to the old designation BHP used on his darwings for the Air Camper and Sky Scout's cabane struts (thanks Santiago Morete)

Plans for the galvanized fuel tank, drawn by Larry Williams

More to come later..

Email me  if you have any construction tips you want to share.