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Some builder prefer to install the full length piano hinge to help seal the gap and make the ailerons more effective.  Alternatively you can use the plans style hinges and seal the gap with fabric or tape. Below is a description of of to install the hinges by Rick Schreiber.  This is basically how I installed my hinges as well.

Here is what I did. Both of the 1/2 inch beams were glued in place as was all of the filler strips between the rib cap strips, before the ailerons are cut free. When locating the 1/2 inch false spars, make sure you have the proper gap between them. If the gap is not the right size for your piano hinge size and location, the aileron trailing edge will not line up with the wing.  Once the ailerons were finished with all bracing in place, I cut the ailerons free. Next sand the face of  the 1/2 inch false spars so that the cut off cap strips are flush with the flat surface. If you line both halves the hinge up carefully you can drill the mounting holes with the ailerons free.

 I have attached some photos. I did not countersink the holes, but used washer head screws instead. There was no problem with clearance. Watch the location of the mounting holes on the aileron. There is not much wood on the back of the aileron false spar due to the shape of the aileron.



Rick Schreiber