If you have any short videos to add email me and I will add them as space allows.

Corvair flyby    3.9 meg

Corvair landing    3.3 meg

Corvair takeoff    6.2 meg

Corvair touch-n-go tail down    4.1 meg   

Corvair-touch-n-go tail up    4.5 meg

Flying very low filmed from the air       3.4 meg

Ford-flyby 1 pass Red and silver    1.9 meg   

Ford-flyby 2 passes    5 meg

Ford-in the air filmed from the air    7.4 meg

Green and Silver ford takeoff    5 meg

Aircamper-Slip    3.9 meg

Brodhead_2004    6 meg

Jim Kinsella_Larry Williams Arrive    10 meg

Ken Perkins    4.4 meg

movie    2.3 meg

Sky Scout-Red ford takeoff    5.8 meg